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Posted By: GUEST,ollaimh
05-Jun-11 - 08:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Canuck Politics
Subject: RE: BS: Canuck Politics
i gotta say that richatd bridgres lecturing everybody again and again ghets tedious. he never saw aqn excuse he didn't like for the british army killing civilians. so try decendy back home richard.

and q, alberta has given away its oil resource for a pittance, they collect kess than a third of what new foundland gets in royalitias per barrel, because their politics have been bought and sold to anerican oil interests. the same interests that funded the national citizens coalition and the reform party in the organizational period--funding neither have ever opened the books on. this sma eindustry has had 11 billion new subsidies from the harper governmenty--a total give away for his old plas and masters. alberta has actually cost the east its manufacturing sector while not collecting decent royalites. we are near to l.osing money in the oil industry when the give aways and the cost of clean up is factored in--all to help out uncle sams military industrial complex.

read the business book of the year award winning"stupid to the last drop", and when the mackanzie watershed os poluted and notrtern albetta is a toxic waste zone, and southern alberta is a desert they will come to the canadian government ffor help in the clean up. good lucj out there if you are under thirty because you will see it all go to hell.