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Posted By: Teribus
06-Jun-11 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: obit: Osama Bin Laden ???
Subject: RE: BS: obit: Osama Bin Laden ???
Well, Agent Orange and Napalm is/was a Chemical, yes?

Most things on this earth are chemical in composition, if in the course of them being used someone is killed - they have not been killed by a "Chemical Weapon". If as you suggest there is no distinction then why is there a Geneva Convention on Conventional Weapons and a completely separate Convention covering Chemical and Biological Weapons? Psst in the latter you will find no reference to Napalm or Agent Orange.

It was used as a weapon, yes? No they were NOT

Well........ Do some reading. Or would you like Jim Carroll bring a smoke grenade and a can of weed killer to a gun fight?