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Posted By: Jim Carroll
06-Jun-11 - 05:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: obit: Osama Bin Laden ???
Subject: RE: BS: obit: Osama Bin Laden ???
"Or would you like Jim Carroll bring a smoke grenade and a can of weed killer to a gun fight"
By talking down the horrors of these weapons, all used against civilians, you are making my case perfectly.
You've seen the evidence of what they can do, you've had the proof that they have been used on civilians - so sneer away; it only underlines what a evil bunch you really and your kind really are.
Of course, you could prove that they don't do what the information says they do, or that they weren't used as the reports say they were, on civilians and we are making it all up because we don't like Yanks or their supporters, but it's to much of a proven point for that really, isn't it?
"It is simply a vicious personal attack on me to smear, undermine and discredit me."
Stop being pathetic Keith, you've managed to discredit yourself without my help.
Tell us you didn't write what I claimed you did, or that you don't believe it and only put it up as a typing exercise, and we've all misjudged you.
Jim Carroll