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Posted By: Teribus
06-Jun-11 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bombing of Tripoli March-April, 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Bombing of Tripoli March-April, 2011
"he was good enough for the weSt for 40 years"

Where on earth did this fiction come from? Libya was regarded as a pariah state for most of those forty years?

Diference between the kleptocracy of Gaddafi and Mugabe and the damage done to each country? Gaddafi had oil Mugabe did not, so the latter in his plundering of his nations riches killed off the goose that laid the golden eggs in Zimbabwe and turned the country into the nightmare it now is. Gaddafi just dumbed the populace down and isolated them from the rest of the world, while he plundered the oil revenues and enforced his "Investment Fund" his son was on, oh how much was his yearly allowance again? £170,000,000 - nice pay if you can get it - what was the average yearly wage of any libyan worker?