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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Jun-11 - 06:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: obit: Osama Bin Laden ???
Subject: RE: BS: obit: Osama Bin Laden ???
"Hope all this makes sense!"
Yes it does, but it isn't the actual killing of bin Laden that bothers me, but the repercussions from how it was done, which I feel fits in perfectly with the past policies of the US, and more recently, of Britain, in attempting to bring the situation to heel militarily.
There is a huge problem of religious fanaticism involved here, but there is just as serious a problem of the most powerful nation in the world securing its own interests, in this case, the supply of oil, by all means possible, including by force.
Separating the assassination of bin Laden from the Middle East situation in general is, as far as I'm concerned, insane.
Regarding my arguments with Keith - I have said all I have to say on the matter and have no intention of taking it further here, and hopefully elsewhere - people are free to make of it what they will. I hope he is prepared to, at the very least, take it to the appropriate thread out of consideration for those who wish to continue with this one. Again, my apologies for my part in cluttering this up with our bickering
Jim Carroll