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Posted By: Teribus
07-Jun-11 - 11:32 AM
Thread Name: BS: Bombing of Tripoli March-April, 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Bombing of Tripoli March-April, 2011
" you really subscribe to the idea of powerful countries enforcing regime change."

Depends upon the circumstances:

As per Iraq in 2003 under Saddam Hussein yes

Libya is a differnent kettle of fish - it's the people there who wish to implement regime change. The UN; NATO; Arab League & GCC are doing in Libya today what should have been done to help the Iraqi Shia Arabs in Southern Iraq in 1991, in the aftermath of Desert Storm.

Salaries and bonuses of "the financial bosses" and CEO's of multi-Nationals are different entirely to the pocket money doled out to Gaddafi's sons. The Salaries and bonuses of the formed are "performance" related the £170,000,000 per year is just his cut of the proceeds of a massive and ongoing kleptocracy that has been in operation for the best part of forty years. Par for the course in the Arab world though, there was that epitome of good leadership Yasser Arafat who syphoned off billions of what was supposed to be aid for his destitute and impoverished Palestinian people. the Tunisian ex-President who loaded up a transport aircraft with gold bullion before he legged it for the border. Hosni Mubarak of Egypt has stashed away millions and is now under investigation for it.

I still think that the comparative ratios would still end up as astronomical for the Gaddafi:Libyan Worker than for Bank Boss/CEO:Jobless/Min Wage in the UK.

"...but allowed the minister,..."

Ah the magic words - you are talking about a politician. Now where on earth did you ever get the idea that they do anything to improve the lot anybody before ensuring first that they themselves are well provided for - it's a club and the star prize is when you get elected or better still "appointed" to the big club in Brussels.