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Posted By: Don(Wyziwyg)T
08-Jun-11 - 06:33 AM
Thread Name: Folk Performers Association
Subject: RE: Folk Performers Association
""So if that is a fact, what does that say re: the oft-repeated lamentations here about various Unthanks, Rusbies and Lakepeople etc. "selling out"?""

A few half hour programs being aired on BBC3 or BBC4, and one or two artists capturing enough interest to be interviewed on breakfast TV, doesn't detract from my argument one bit Michael.

Take a trot through the most frequented radio channels and tell me where and how often you find any indication that an English Folk music and song tradition exists.

FFS, even the one program still dedicated to folk is largely taken over by Americana, and "World" music.

And incidentally, I don't subscribe to that nonsense about selling out. Any performer who has the chance to earn money from doing what he loves is entitled to go for it IMHO, or are we saying that anyone who enjoys working with figures should not be allowed to earn money as an accountant?

Don T.