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Posted By: Rob Naylor
08-Jun-11 - 09:53 AM
Thread Name: Folk Performers Association
Subject: RE: Folk Performers Association
Tom: I haven't got the figures to hand, but it is cheaper to join the MU and insure through them than to buy a policy from someone else. That's economies of scale - and specialist knowledge - for you. An FPO is never going to achieve those numbers because they include all the instruments and equipment from classical, jazz, brass bands, rock bands... you name it.

My "Home and Contents" policy includes all the family's instruments. That amounts to a total of 8 guitars, an octave mandolin, flute, clarinet, 2 keyboards and a synthesiser. About £7,000 worth in all (some of the guitars are fairly cheap).

They're covered for being in the home, in the car (as long as car locked and out of sight), in use at venues, being at school (out of date now since youngest has just left school) or being at student accommodation. Specifically excluding them from the policy would lower the premium by about £70 per annum.

I know they pay out without fuss as my older daughter's flute was solen from her school locker about 4 years ago and they paid out without a murmer, enough for her to buy an equivalent 2nd hand replacement. Not sure what the MU membership fee is but to me tour H & C deal would be hard to beat.