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Posted By: JohnInKansas
08-Jun-11 - 09:34 PM
Thread Name: Tech: sore guitar fingers , what do you do ?
Subject: RE: Tech: sore guitar fingers , what do you do ?
My Norton shows a "site reputation unknown" for M3 Products LLc in search results for "gorilla tips," and the search results include lots of "junk responses" related to FaceBook links. The "Gorilla Tips" name is apparently used by a number of "questionable" sites, but possibly by an equal number of legitimate ones, although the "cure" appears to be a rare usage.

Note that Norton doesn't report "detected malware" for the site, but has no record of people using Norton AV who have "successfully visited" the site.

A good salesman would not post blatant advertising based on the complaint of someone whose finger may have fallen off three years ago, but since GUEST James apparently came here only to post his commercial blather we might presume he wouldn't know (or care?) about Skarpi's finger.

We would, of course, be interested in hearing from Skarpi about whether he figured out where he had put his finger to produce the problem - and whether he intends to stick it there again. (Surely he wasn't trying to plug one of those eruptions?)