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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
10-Jun-11 - 08:59 AM
Thread Name: ADD: jamaican folk music
Subject: Lyr add: Time Get So Hard
Jamaican: trad

Time get so hard.
Hog an' all a look wuk.
Dog sidung a market gate an' laugh after Hog distress.
Lu lu bam bam bam
Lu lu bam bam bam

According to the notes accompanying this song:
"This song is taken from an Anancy story

Anancy stories in Jamaica often explain why it is that certain animals don't get on with each other. In this case it is the Dog and the Hog. Once, very long ago, when times were hard, the Hog went to work for the Rat. But the Rat gave him very little money for his work. Dog, at that time had a good job as gatekeeper at the market. One day Hog was passing the market gate feeling very sorry for himself. Dog laughed at him, and from that day on the two have never liked each other."

"Brown gal in de Ring"
12 Jamaican Folk-Songs
Collected & arranged for schools by OLIVE LEWIN
Oxford University Press 1974
ISBN 0 19 330544 5

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