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Thread Name: Songbook Indexing: Calypso/Caribbean Songbooks
Subject: RE: Songbook Indexing: Calypso/Caribbean Songbooks
Annancy Stories, Digging Sings, Ring Tunes, and Dancing Tunes. With introductory essays.

Walter Jekyll, coll. and edit., 1904 (Dover reprints), The Folk-lore Society, LV.

Part I
Annancy Stories.
51 stories, (cf. Joel Chandler Harris coll.), many with brief musical scores.
Annancy and Brother Tiger

Part II
Digging Sings
Oh hurrah, boys!
Ho biddybye
Tell Mr. Linky
Tell Mr. Bell
Bad homan oh!
Bell a ring a yard oh!
The one shirt I have
Jessie cut him yoke
T'ree acre of Cahffee
Away, away
Wednesday morning before day
Oh Samuel oh!
Oh 'liza oh!
Aunty Mary oh!
Oh me yerry news!
Jes' so me barn
Tell Mary say
Me tell them gall
Gold, amber gold
Gee, oh mother Mac
Leah married a Tuesday
Cheer me oh!
Me cock a crow
Oh Selina!
Sambo Lady
John Thomas
Whé mumma dé!
Me know the man
You want to yerry Duppy talk
Me know Sarah
Me donkey want water
A Somerset me barn
Timber lay don 'pon pit
Me want go home
War down a Monkhead

Part III
Ring Tunes
Little Sally Water
Poor Little Zeddy
Whé me lover dé?
Ring a diamond
Carry Banana
Pass the ball
Me los' me gold ring
Old Mother Phoebe
Me go da Galloway Road
Bull a pen ho!
Two man a road
Adina Mona
Mother Freeman
Me have me goosey a me yard
Drill him, Constab!
If you make him come out
Oh me Toad oh!
There's a black boy in a ring
Me lover gone a Colon bay
Good morning to you, mother
Johnny Millar
Oh den Jacky
Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Part IV
Dancing Tunes

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