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11-Jun-11 - 01:49 PM
Thread Name: ADD: jamaican folk music
Subject: RE: ADD: jamaican folk music
Source, please. There are several versions of "Day dah Light," a song of the loading wharves in Jamaica.

The earliest version on record is that of Edric Connor, 1952. Saland reprint $19.99.
In 1954, the Smithsonian released songs sung by Louise Bennett.
"Jamaican Folk Songs sung by Louise Bennett." Both are available on cd, the Bennett by "custom cd" for $16.98.
Louise Bennett Tracks
1 Linstead Market
2 Chi-Chi Bud
3 Hossana
4 Cudelia Brown
5 Day Dah Light
6 Dip Dem
7 Me Want Me Daughter
8 Under the Cocoanut Tree
9 Dry Weather Houses
10 How You Come Over
11 Hol' 'M Joe
12 Towns of Jamaica

Edric Connor tracks:
1 Day Dah Light
2 Ada
3 Las Kean Fine
4 Hill an' Gully
5 Call Dinah
6 Wata Come A Me Y'Eye
7 Riber Ben Come Dung
8 Ball Gwan Roun'
9 Mada Cantinny
10 Linstead Market
11 Sammy Dead Oh
12 Chi-Chi Bud Oh
13 Cudelia Brown
14 Hol' Yuh Han'
15 Ratta Madan-Law
16 Rookoombine
17 Nobody's Business
18 Monkey Draw Bow
19 Missa Ramgoat
20 Judy Drownded
21 Teacher Lick de Gal
22 Docta Bud
23 De Ribber Ben Come Dung
24 Matty Walla-Lef
25 Fan Me Solja Man
26 Dallas Gawn
27 Hosanna
28 Fyah Bun
29 One Solja Man

The Belafonte-Attaway version, "Day-O," could have been derived from either or both. The Bennett tracks were, I believe, originally recorded at different times.