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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
11-Jun-11 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: ADD: jamaican folk music
Subject: RE: ADD: jamaican folk music
Compare with Banana Loading Song.

Ring Tune

The gal over yonder carry banana,
gal oh! gal oh! carry banana.
A nine-hand banana, carry banana,
a Chiney banana, carry banana.
You find the banana? carry banana.
You tief the banana? carry banana.

With musical score, XCIII.

"The girl is supposed to be carrying a bunch of bananas on her head, and the singers are commenting on it and asking the girl questions, as they do here at a distance of half-a-mile. "Look! It is a nine-hand banana. No, a China banana. Did you find it? Did you steal it?"
"Nine-hand is a convenient market size. The China banana is a stout low kind which withstands wind.
The signal for taking a partner is given by the words "You find the banana?"

Jekyll, 1904, reference above.