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Posted By: Richard Bridge
16-Jun-11 - 04:40 AM
Thread Name: Knockholt 2011
Subject: RE: Knockholt 2011
Gym actually makes you feel good - the whatever it is chemicals the body produces when working really intensely leave you feeling quite "pumped up" for a few hours. It was a good feeling. It will also strengthen the relevant muscles in the back and that may well be important for you.

As well as prowling around with the dogs for about half an hour a day (back then) on weekdays and for about an hour a time at weekends with an ordnance survey map, every weekday I used to walk briskly for half an hour each way from the bus-stop or train stop in London to the office. I stayed ten stone for several years that way, between about 1988 and 1992/3 (ie age of 40 to 45). The working lunches at Tarlo Lyons with sandwiches with fattening fillings and my hatred of wasted food were my undoing! Downhill all the way after that.

I have no idea what a "visualisation technique" is.

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