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Posted By: Ebbie
16-Jun-11 - 02:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2-D Movies are good enough for me.
Subject: RE: BS: 2-D Movies are good enough for me.
I'm glad that the practice of drenching oneself in perfume has gone out of favor. Some people still do it, though. I recall some years back on a plane with my seatmates being a honeymooning couple. You wouldn't believe the dizzying effect on me.

I read once that if you like a certain scent, put a dab on your skin just below your nose, that you will get its effect but other people won't be overwhelmed. Makes sense.

I once told a hairdresser that he had overdone his aroma a bit. He said, I like to smell pretty for my customers.

In recent years I have become aware that many/most men that still splash it on are Asian. Why is that?