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Posted By: JohnInKansas
18-Jun-11 - 12:09 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Does your computer learn what you want?
Subject: RE: Tech: Does your computer learn what you want?
All search engines (that I've looked at in any detail) censor the results they show you based on "what's popular" with the illiterate masses of people who use them, on the assumption that you only want to see what everybody else wants.

None that I'e heard of block your access to sites you choose to visit; but it can be difficult to "explore" the web if the searches only show you the places in the Idiotville part of the web.

Site blocking can be easily accomplished by your mother, using any of the popular "parental control" settings/programs, but that's a problem for you and your family.

Most "good" AV systems should give you warnings about sites that are known to have been malware distributors, or that include "suspicious content" in the initial page download; but they usually will allow you to easily override the warnings if you choose to charge on in.

Google has experimented with filters that attempt to determine the kinds of sites you prefer, and list similar sites first; but you should be easily able to tell if something of this sort is installed by looking in settings on your toolbar. Again - it "front loads" the search results, but doesn't block access to anything. You should be able to turn the "feature" off easily. Other search engines may have offered similar junkware.