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Posted By: M. Ted (inactive)
12-Oct-00 - 11:20 AM
Thread Name: Music Theory Question
Subject: RE: Music Theory Question
You are jumping into difficult territory, Mary--

The reason is because the voicings that are natural on piano cannot often be duplicated on the guitar, and when they can, they are often not playable--For this reason, you pretty much have to write your guitar arrangements from scratch--

My favorite comment in this regard is from Barney Kessel, who said, "It takes two great guitarists to play what one mediocre pianist can play"

I would add, or one great guitarist and a great arranger--

I am not sure if you want a fingering that includes all of the notes in an F chord and a C chord, or if you just want the notes that you have listed--

Here are two fingerings that will give you the notes you listed--The first inverts the D and the G, the second takes more fingers, but gives you the G with the D above it-- (The first number is the fret you play on the fat, Low E string, the second is on the A, etc--"O" is open, "X" means you don't play it)

1-3-O-O-X-X 1-3-X-O-3-X

However, the fingers and voicing may not fit smoothly with the rest of you arrangement--In that case, I think that you need to consider finding some other voicing that gives you the flavor, but not necessarily the notes--

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mark--do I get an office with that title? How about just a parking place?