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Posted By: Lady McMoo
12-Oct-00 - 11:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Old Instruments As Opposed To New Ones..
Subject: RE: BS: Old Instruments As Opposed To New Ones..
I'm not sure this is a fair question. I'd far sooner have a great-sounding new luthier-made guitar (which I do) which will get better than a poor-sounding vintage one. On the other hand I'd love a good vintage Martin or Gibson for some types of music and for their aesthetic appeal. Also part of the mix is the sound you're really looking for. If I were a bluegrass player I'd undoubtedly prefer the sound of a good vintage Gibson F-5 for that music to the 18 year old Eccleshall A.5 I have which is absolutely perfect for the music I actually do play.

Horses for courses really IMHO.