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Posted By: Jim Carroll
19-Jun-11 - 06:38 AM
Thread Name: Peter Kennedy's Folktrax recordings
Subject: RE: Peter Kennedy's Folktrax recordings
"and will re-issue them as a second....."
Only some of the recordings I understand, leaving a large number still unheard.
The first major release of these recordings was via the Caedmon 'Folk Songs of Britain' series, later re-issued by Topic. As valuable as these were, most of the songs were edited, some of them drastically with verses being removed all over the place.   
I understand the 'Voice of the People' series was orginally planned as a re-issuing of FSoB unedited, which eventually became something else. Perhaps it is time to re-issue the original set in all its magnificence.
I wonder also what happened to that dreadful series issued by Kennedy where he added amaturish accompaniments, echo, choruses,speeding up and slowing down..... to the original field recording (imagine fiddle virtuoso John Doherty singing to a dubbed-on bad fiddle accompaniment) sort of like painting beard and moustache on the Mona Lisa!!
Considering the highly-questionable (to say the least) legality of how this treasure trove was collected and what has happened to it over the last half century +, and the fact that they were originally paid for with BBC licence-payers money, wouldn't the moral thing be to make them freely available on the web - just a thought!!
Jim Carroll