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Posted By: Richard Bridge
19-Jun-11 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: Knockholt 2011
Subject: RE: Knockholt 2011
Wasn't the fire glorious?

I'm trying to work out roughly how many people were there (and how many camping units) each night.

Weds, I was in and out with the chainsaw and did not stop but I think it was 4 units and 10 people.

Thurs I was not there but am guesstimating 6 units and 15 people.

Fri - I was physically present but a little unaware(!) but I think 10 or 11 units and maybe 24 people

Sat - definitely 15 units and I think I counted 42 round the campfire but maybe not all stopped to camp.

So in total roughly 35 unit/nights and 90 people/nights.

Given the weather predictions we had been facing I can't imagine it ever being fewer.

Assuming all goes well with the new committee and the plans for Equinox - and the new "self-financing" basis - it still looks like its going to be a great cheap DIY weekend.