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19-Jun-11 - 08:26 PM
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Little Sally Water sprinkle in the saucer;
Rise, Sally, rise an' wipe your weeping eyes.
Sally turn to the East,
Sally turn to the West,
Sally turn to the very one you like the best.

On the carpet you must be happy as the grass-bird on the tree,
Rise an' stand up on your leg an' choose the one that you like the best.
Now you married I give you joy,
first a gal an' second a boy;
Seven year after, seven year to come,
give her a kiss and send her out.

"First, as giving its name to the whole, must stand:-

The boys and girls join hands and form a ring.
One- the sex is immaterial- crouches in the middle and personates Sally Water. At the words "Rise, Sally, rise," he or she slowly rises to an erect position, brushing away imaginary tears, turns first one way and then another, and chooses a partner out of the ring. Where the tempo changes, they wheel- a rapid turning dance- and after the wheeling, the partner is left inside the ring and becomes Sally Water.
Perhaps the most widely spread of all English singing games- See A. B. Gomme, Traditional games, vol. ii, p. 149." [See threads]

LXXXIX, pp. 190-191, with musical score.
Walter Jekyll, 1907, Jamaican Song and Story, Dover reprint.