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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
12-Oct-00 - 12:39 PM
Thread Name: Penguin: The Ship In Distress
Subject: RE: Penguin: The Ship In Distress
Why, thankyou Sorcha!  All I'm really doing is cross-referencing resources available on the Web (and trying to leave out sites that look as if they may disappear without warning.)  Of course, like many others here, I've done a lot of reading and listening over the years, which helps when pulling information together.  The version Sharp found is mentioned in A.L. Lloyd's notes, above; Bob Copper's version is currently available (text only) at Gary Gillard's  Copper Family  site:  Seamen Bold.  The song persists in tradition in Sussex, and the late Gordon Hall also had a set of it.  There is an interview with Gordon at  Musical Traditions  here:  Gordon Hall

There was extensive discussion of Lord Franklin on a thread last year:  Franklin  where several versions were posted, including the full broadside text Radriano gives above.  I will refresh it and put in a link to this thread, though it doesn't have very much to do with The Ship in Distress!

For more on the Franklin expedition, see:

John Franklin's Story  (at  Lord Franklin Productions  )
John Franklin and the Opening of the North, 1845 - 1859

Of course, they were on land at the time and probably would have survived if they had adopted the Inuit diet as Ross had some years before in the same area.

I'm still hoping for a translator for A Nau Catarineta...