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Posted By: Herga Kitty
21-Jun-11 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: John Barleycorn deconstructed - Finest Kind
Subject: RE: John Barleycorn deconstructed
I really enjoyed the video, thanks Michaelr!

AFAIK there's nothing traditionally English about singing tense harmonies. When Bob and Ron Copper sang together, it was Bob singing the tune and Ron singing a pretty simple bass line (much of it on the same note).

A lot of the current English harmony style is down to the Watersons and Young Tradition in the 1960s. I was introduced to their singing when I was about 15, and just loved it. I'd passed grade 5 music theory, but have never thought about my vocal harmonies in sol/fa terms - I just go for them instinctively, but I suspect heavily influenced by the Watersons and YT.

And then of course there were the Wilsons and Swan Arcade and Coope, Boyes and Simpson.