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Posted By: GUEST,Patsy
22-Jun-11 - 08:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: Has Americanism Spread THIS far?
Subject: RE: BS: Has Americanism Spread THIS far?
By and large (Celtic/Rangers and Millwall fans the exception) football supporters are generally much better than they were in the 70's and 80's. I remember going on a date to a Bristol City football match back in 1970/1 and it was the most intimidating experience I'd ever known it so unnerving not enjoyable at all with vicious little skirmishes going on all the time. Not only was security not great back then Stadiums were not too hot on Health and Safety either. I do remember skinheads being forced to remove steel capped boots or thrown out only to cause trouble outside of the ground.

I realise that it is probably not like that now but if I want to watch a match I do it from the comfort of my chair. Crowds do appear to be more controlled these days so that the whole family can enjoy it without fear of getting in the way of any mindless violence but I vowed after that first game I went to that I would never want to ever do that again.