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Posted By: akenaton
22-Jun-11 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bombing of Tripoli March-April, 2011
Subject: RE: BS: Bombing of Tripoli March-April, 2011
Ron.....BBC today, Prime Minister Cameron......"we(the UK) are at war in Afghanistan and Libya"

Nato said yesterday that they targetted the house of one of Col Gadaffi's closest advisers killing the mans whole family....BBC reporters said that of the four children only one head was hardened reporter "threw up" on seeing the remains of the children.

This is the lowest form of terrorism, on a par with anything perpetrated by Al Qaeda, only there was no risk involved to our assasins. No loss of life involved, only mindless brutal slaughter.

In Iraq and Afghanistan we are starting to withdraw our troops, have we achieved anything? Does anyone believe that the Taliban will not come stealing back, or that Muslim fundamentalism will rule again?...only much stronger.

If you Ron, had a son sent home in a body bag, would you not consider that he died for nothing?