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Posted By: GUEST,Loving this game
22-Jun-11 - 10:31 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Down by the Banks of the Hanky Panky
Subject: RE: Origins: Down by the Banks of the Hanky Panky
I'm a former 8th grader. For our last day of school we were free to just talk and do whatever in our History class. So we played "Down by the river." I thank Sierra (an earlier poster) for reminding me of most of the words. This is the full (or at least I hope) version and helpful tips on playing:

Down, Down, Down, Down, (during these 4 down's, the person starting must not start until all 4 downs have been said. So basically your just bouncing your hand up in down in the person's palm that sits next to you until you start.) Down by the river of the hanky-panky, there's a bullfrog jumping from bank to bank singing east side, west coast, east side daily dang dong!

Why you hit my hand so hard, tell me what I did so wrong! Es As Ais Ows (pronounced likely as E's Ah's A's O's), east side daily dang dong.

I pledge allegiance to the flag. Michael Jackson is a fag (later we switched it to "I shop with a bag" for the purposes of not having the teacher over hear us. Lol).

(Sorry but I'm not entirely sure what goes before this next part, but I think this is correct. :/) Now we drinking Coca Cola, Coca Cola's burning up. Now we drinking 7up. 7up is out of style, now we going Buck Wild. Buck Wild's out of style now we going Es As Ais Ows, east side daily dang DONG!

On that last dong, if you manage to hit the hand of the person you're supposed to, they're out, if they pull away before you can, you're out. Have fun! :)