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Posted By: ChrisJBrady
23-Jun-11 - 04:30 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Facebook - Newsfeed/recent news
Subject: RE: Tech: Facebook - Newsfeed/recent news
Apparently Facebook is tweeking / fiddling / adjusting / whatever the features - and it is annoying thousands (millions?) of users. Just recently my brother lost his Groups tab - FB had deleted it without notice. And he also lost all of his albums / photos. The problem with Facebook is that profits are being regarded as more important than users. This is an amateur (and arrogant) approach in making changes to the live system without any regard for anyone using it. In i.t. the professional approach is to test changes on a duplicate system, before going live. FB seems to hack around the live system regardless. Pack of amateurs. BTW be aware that the new Questions and Hearts features are designed to suck out your private and personal details for likely transmission to third parties for nefarious reasons. I have a basic FB account linked to a few friend or groups. Its time wasting enough. How users keep up with the inane drivel from hundreds of ephemeral 'friends' is beyond me. Life's too short.