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Posted By: Mary in Kentucky
12-Oct-00 - 06:30 PM
Thread Name: Music Theory Question
Subject: RE: Music Theory Question
Don't anybody look at this who is remotely interested in learning something. I've probably screwed this up beyond any logical reasoning. Just remember, I am not a musician. What I was trying to do was write out the chords for beachcomber for this midi, Look to the Rainbow. It's in the key of Db, and the chord (or four notes in question) are Ab, Db, Bb, & Eb. When I posed my question, I thought I would "simplify" the key and transpose the notes. This is where I was probably illegal...I looked at those four notes clumped close together (Ab, Bb, Db, & Eb) and observed that they were the I, II, IV, V tones of the major scale starting on Ab. That's where my question came from. I hope I didn't cause too much grief, but I've learned a little about music theory, so from my perspective, all is not in vain. When I was in college, I was not allowed to take a music theory class as an elective because I was not a music major. I intend to check out the chord finder program mentioned above from Tony Burns via GUEST. Thanks everyone.