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Posted By: Richard Bridge
24-Jun-11 - 08:33 AM
Thread Name: Knockholt 2011
Subject: RE: Knockholt 2011
Sue is having th following put on the Folkmob website;


The Knockholt camps have been running now for 18 years. We began back in 1993 and I think there were about 11 of us that first time as well as an assortment of our various children. We used an old ridge tent as our kitchen and shelter (some of us are posing in front of it in the photo I took with Dave's camera) and our WC was a bucket in a toilet tent. We'd graduated to a porta potti by the second year but emptying it down a drain at the bottom of the field was still a very nasty job. As the Folk Club grew in numbers there were more members wanting to sample the Knockholt experience so we decided to hire a couple of toilets financed by the club funds, but in the early years we foraged for our wood and rubbish clearance wasn't an issue, so that was our only outlay apart from the farmer's fee (which has never increased).
Over the years Knockholt became increasingly popular and we welcomed into our midst extended families, neighbours and other friends from the folk world, all of whom added a little something to the Knockholt magic but which also meant it became necessary to hire 4 toilets for the June camp and 3 for September as well as buying in wood and hiring a skip for the rubbish. We bought a new marquee which was cheaper than hiring one for two camps – but it needed some maintenance. Gradually the cost of running the camps increased until last year we tipped the scales at over a thousand pounds (which did include some one-off items like a new reliable hose) – still financed by the Folk club funds. The money collected from campers (£4 per unit per night) all went to the farmer for the use of his field.
Like all good things the "Knockers Fest" is still evolving but in recent years the balance has gradually shifted - where once Folkmob regulars made up the majority of the Knockholt stalwarts that is no longer the case so it now seems the time is right for Knockholt to fly the Folkmob nest and become financially independent of the club. To ensure that the camps continue to thrive they need to be financed by those of us who attend and derive so much pleasure from the events.
After an impromptu meeting in the marquee last weekend, where everyone present was very supportive and helpful in formulating the plans for the new self financing system, it was decided that this September's camp will still go ahead. The autumn camp will be a bit of a test run to see if our calculations are correct in predicting that we can reliably cover the costs. Expenditures are largely fixed, but income depends entirely on how many come. If it is too tight then charges will have to go up in future, but if there is a significant surplus then charges may if it is prudent go down. Details and examples follow.

A Knockholt committee was formed consisting of –
Sue and Mick Forde
Pat and Debbie Ormsby
Richard Bridge
Linda Smith
Alan Austen
Dave Kenningham
Jim Radford

Wednesday 7th to Sunday 11th


One person camping 1 night - £10
Two people sharing a unit camping 1 night - £15.......(£5 per person plus £5 for unit)
Three people sharing a unit camping 1 night - £20.......(£5 per person plus £5 for unit)
And so on

One person camping 2 nights - £20
Two people sharing a unit camping 2 nights - £30......(£10 per person plus £10 for unit)
And so on

One person camping 3 nights - £30
Two people sharing a unit camping 3 nights - £45......(£15 per person plus £15 for unit)
And so on"