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Posted By: Q (Frank Staplin)
24-Jun-11 - 04:51 PM
Thread Name: Caribbean Calypso
Subject: RE: Caribbean Calypso
Lyric. Add: PING-PONG

Christmas night was confusion
Mama believe me I jump in a steel band
It was the Girl Pat Orchestra coming dozen
With some fiery tunes to burn the town
So I jump in the band without hesitation
And ask the leader for a beat on her ping pong.

Give me a beat on your pomalong, pomalong, pom, pom
And armed with my big stick in my hand
Give me a beat on your pomalong, pomalong, pomalong,
pom, pom, pomalong.

The woman start to bawl like a ram goat
I'll give you a beat but I 'fraid you bust the note
I said darling I'll be careful
Because I see that the ping pong is very beautiful
She said that stick you got too big for this pan
And if you bust the notes I have another one.
I said honey I give you a guarantee
That if you give me a beats I will touch the notes softly.

All that I beg for she wouldn't give me
So I said I got to do a little showing off on she
So I snatch another girl's ping pong
And I start to beat a beautiful little song
Bass player then started to get jealous
Zebbie I want my tune boom test
But before I touch a note the leader start to shout.

Don't let him beat on your pomalong, pom, pom
He going to mash up your tomalong, pang, pang
Give me a beat on your tomalong, pom, pang, pamlong

When I saw water more than flower
I ddecided to start making advances on her
So I spoke some remarkable English
But she turn to me and said, Zebbie you foolish
I could have give you a beat without all that fuss
But that stick you got is ridiculous
So I left the band and ran home like a mad man
And I work down the stick to suit the occasion.

Written by Zebra (Charles Harris) for the Girl Pat Band, an all female steelband.