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Posted By: stallion
26-Jun-11 - 06:14 AM
Thread Name: Lay the bent to the bonnie broome? Meaning?
Subject: RE: Lay the bent to the bonnie broome? Meaning?
mmmmmm don't think that because the song was re-assembled in the "sexy sixties" it changed it's meaning. The problem we have today is that we have lost the meanings and the symbolisms that would have been readily understood even a hundred years ago. Actually, songs have been tidied up a lot to be presented to the modern public, indeed a lot of things have been tidied up, probably Victoria RG's influence on society! We had a street in York that had it's name changed from Grope lane to Grape lane, that itself had been changed in 19th C from it's 18th century name
Grope c**t lane, famous for it's prostitutes! Not wishing to bang on but I have uncovered snippets of a version of Jolly Waggoner that makes the Waterson's version look like a Sunday school hymn. So get out of the Drawing room (withdrawing room if you like)take the black frock off and understand the underclass whose only real pleasures from labour were drinking, singing and sex.