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Posted By: Ferrara
12-Oct-00 - 10:53 PM
Thread Name: Italian Songs for Children
Subject: RE: Italian Songs for Children
Hope you find it. Just for grins here's a counting rhyme, somewhat mangled because I was a kid when I learned it phonetically from my grandparents. Further, it's in Neapolitan dialect.

La U*na, le Du*e, le Tre* con cel*la.
Sot*to la fi*ca la car*rozzel*la.
Dal*le mo, dal*le mo,
Quan*do si con*tan' c'e sei*dici so*.

The stars are accented syllables. If you count off a finger each time you come to an accented syllable, you find you count sixteen (seidici).

Well this is a pretty useless response to your question but at least it is a rhyme for kids.