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Posted By: Sawzaw
30-Jun-11 - 11:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: what about Glen Beck?
Subject: RE: BS: what about Glen Beck?
Ooops. The other horse's ass on Current TV is Olbermann.

Ya know Amos, I think it is better if people find things to agree on rather than finding things to disagree on and argue about.

Some people find themselves defending bullshit that they know is wrong in an attempt to reinforce what they believe to be right.

Nobody is right all the time and nobody is wrong all the time. People should be free to decide on whether an individual thing that someone, a politician for example, said or did is right or wrong rather than blindly having to support everything that person says or does.

You have to be able to separate the good from them bad. Right from wrong or you are just a drone controlled by group think, Tribal politics.

However people like Beck, Mr Ed, Olberman, Limbaugh etc instill this tribal thinking and divide people into two camps. Then they proceed to make gobs of money by pitting people against each other.

Are we a bunch of sheep? Aren't we capable of independent thought and judging things for ourselves? I hope so.

When you hear these people telling you "now when they say this, what they really mean is that". Why do we need them to interpret things for us? Do they think we are too dumb to figure it out on our own?

I am not about to taken for granted as part of a herd to be stampeded into going the same direction as the rest of the heard.

Scare tactics do not convince me of anything. They merely alert me that the person using scare tactics is disingenuous.

Scare tactics is the tool of terrorists to over ride the common sense people were born with. They are used to control people, affect their judgment and cause them to do things they would not do otherwise.

Maybe a few things Beck says are right but mostly they are wrong and the percentage is getting higher as he tries to appeal to a certain audience and get them locked in so he can make even more money.

I am not falling for it.