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Posted By: Little Hawk
01-Jul-11 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: what about Glen Beck?
Subject: RE: BS: what about Glen Beck?
You're absolutely right, Sawzaw, that people need to think independently instead of just thinking along tribal lines. They shouldn't support someone in an kneejerk fashion just because he or she is:

a) a Democract
b) a Republican
c) a "conservative"
d) a "liberal"
e) white
f) black
g) Native American
h) female
i) male
j) gay
k) hetero
l) Christian
m) non-Christian


But so VERY often...they do! And when I take them to task for it, the following hilarious thing happens: they either accuse me of "colorless neutrality"...or they make the mistake of thinking that I am "on tbe other side" of the tribal divide...and I am not.

Ain't that amazing? I am anything BUT neutral, that's for sure...but I do not sing in tbe tribal chorus, because to do so is not to think at is to dance automatically to a pre-written tribal script.