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Posted By: Joe Offer
06-Jul-11 - 03:13 PM
Thread Name: ADD/Origins: Both Sides the Tweed (trad/Gaughan)
Subject: ADD Version: Both Sides the Tweed
English Jacobite ballads, songs, & satires, etc: From the mss. at Towneley ... edited by Alexander Balloch Grosart (1877), page 85:

A Song.

What's the Spring, breathing Jessamine and Rose,
What's the Summer, with all its Gay train;
What's the Plenty of Autumn to those
Who have bartered their freedom for Gain.
Let the Love of your King's Sacred right,
To the Love of your Country Succeed,
Let Freindship & Honour unite
And Flourish on Both Sides the Tweed.

No Sweetness those Senses can share
Which Corruption & Bribery bind:
No calmness that Heart e'er can chear •
For Honour's the Sun of the Mind.

Let Virtue distinguish the brave
place riches in lowest degree,
Think him poorest who can be a Slave,
Him richest who dares to be free.

Let us think how our Ancestors rose,
Let us think how our Ancestors fell,
'twas their rights they defended, 'twas those
They bought with their Blood wch we Sell.

(Spelling errors and variants are as in the original)