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07-Jul-11 - 03:16 AM
Thread Name: tunes for kipling verses
Subject: RE: tunes for kipling verses
Here (click), courtesy of Google Books, is the score of Elgar's song cycle, Four Songs from "The Fringe of the Fleet", the four songs being
  1. "The Lowestoft Boat"
  2. "Fate's Discourtesy" (Kipling: intro to "Patrols I" = "A Song in Storm")
  3. "Submarines" (Kipling: "Tin Fish" = closing of the section "Four Nightmares", article "Submarines I")
  4. "The [Mine] Sweepers"
The original poems can be found in Kipling's book Sea Warfare (1916), a collection of articles he first published in London newspapers in three series. The first series was titled "The Fringe of the Fleet" and consisted of six articles. Excellent notes on the poems may be found in the Reader's Guide section of the Kipling Society site. The poems are also reprinted separately in the score, but I haven't checked whether they have been altered there in any significant way.

Wikipedia has an interesting article (click) on this song cycle. According to it, Elgar later added a fifth song to the cycle: "Inside the Bar", with words by Sir Gilbert Parker. At the end of the year of their first performance (1917), Elgar learned that Kipling objected to the songs being performed in music-halls. How ironic, considering the sources and inspiration for so much of his material.