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Posted By: PHJim
07-Jul-11 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: why is a guitar bridge glued down?
Subject: RE: why is a guitar bridge glued down?
Gibson made twelve strings with the tailpiece and the pin bridge. Since both were X braced, the pin bridge is usually the more desirable guitar. X bracing seems to go with a pin bridge (or a glued on bridge at least). Stella twelves, like the one Lead Belly played are ladder braced and, though they have a very different sound, they are great for those who desire that sound. An arch top guitar or mandolin produces a certain desirable sound with the bridge that is held on by the string tension. I have seen arch top guitars with fixed bridges, but not often.
While, as Murray MacLeod said, tradition may have something to do with it, the choice of fixed bridge or tailpiece has more to do with sound production than tradition.