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Posted By: Chet W.
01-Jul-98 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: 'Mother Songs' of the tear-jerker variety
One of my favorite sub-genres, which we irreverently call "dead mother songs". One of my favorites that I currently perform is "The Angels Rejoiced" which I learned from a friend - sounds like a Louvin Brothers song - not sure.


A house, not a home, was the picture Satan painted
For sweet little sister and me
Our daddy would frown while mother was praying
His heart was so hardened that he would not believe
In anger he'd swear, his voice cold and loud
His Sundays were spent out with the gambling crowd
I never saw my daddy inside a house of God
While Satan held his hand down the path of sin he trod

Not long ago our circle was broken
When God called on mother one night
In a voice sweet and low her last words were spoken
Asking our daddy to raise her children right
The angels rejoiced in heaven last night
I heard my daddy praying, Dear God make it right
He was smiling and singing with tears in his eyes
While mother with the angels rejoiced last night

If you can top that, I'd really like to hear it. It seems the dead mother songs with some religious context are the best. Also would like to know origin of this song if anyone knows. Send more songs.

Another great one is "By and By, I'm going to see the King" by preacher/dulceola player Washington Philips. I think the real title might be "A MOTHER'S LAST WORDS TO HER DAUGHTER".

Not morbidly,
Chet W.