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Posted By: pastorpest
13-Oct-00 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: WHISTLE Recommendations?
Subject: RE: WHISTLE Recommendations?
I agree with those who direct you to the Chiff and Fipple. I have a Pat O'Rriordan D whistle and C whistle which are both wonderful with a pure sound. I also have an A & B flat set of Glen Shultz, water weasels, made from plastic plumbing pipe. Glen's whistles have a breathy quality and are wonderful in a different way. I went to Glen's home to pick up the whistle set and he encouraged me to try all kinds of his expensive wooden whistles, all of which were great whistles. I think after you read the reviews on the Chiff and Fipple of the high end whistles decide what suits your taste. The good makers are careful to make good whistles. Choosing among them is a personal thing.