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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
13-Oct-00 - 08:13 PM
Thread Name: WHISTLE Recommendations?
Subject: RE: WHISTLE Recommendations?
I recently got a D whistle from Mike Burke somewhere in the US of A, after seeing Dale (mine host at Chiff & Fipple) positively rave about it in his newletter.

At the tuning point, there's an 0-ring in the outer tube which gives a good feel to the sliding movement and will prevent the usual problems of brass moving on brass. This needs more development in my view, (maybe two o-rings)as there is just a hint of play between the two tubes. But it's good thinking.

The other main feature of the latest Burke whistle is that the mouthpiece is lined with Delrin, whatever Delrin is. The aim is to stop clogging, and here I agree with Dale 100 per cent - it really works. I can play constantly anything from 20 to 40 minutes without a shake-out, which is right off the scale in my experience. God knows where the stuff goes.

Tuning through the range is good (but the usual lousy distinction between C and Csharp), and it's a nice tone.

In the end though, and though I know it's plastic and sounds slightly recorder-ish, and is a bit flaky on the top octave, my D Susato at about one tenth the price, is very nearly as good. You can only play them when you know the tune though. I've never found a way to play a Susato quietly.