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Posted By: JamesJim
13-Oct-00 - 11:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: Old Instruments As Opposed To New Ones..
Subject: RE: BS: Old Instruments As Opposed To New Ones..
I have a good friend who collects old instruments and he has a bunch of them. I am simply facinated by them and love to play them. When I first started playing guitar over 20 years ago, I scoffed at people who said that good guitars get better with age. I shouldn't have. My Guild D46 is one fantastic guitar. It sounds better today than when I first bought it (new).

I certainly agree that the best guitars are being built today, but I do think you have to buy the top of the line to get quality (probably not so with some of the older guitars). About the only guitar for which that might be different is the Taylor. Of course, even there less expensive models requires a bank loan and payment plan. I may just stick with my old Guild. I love it.