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12-Jul-11 - 01:42 PM
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Well, I guess. Since you asked nicely and all.

Many years ago on the shores of the Mediterranean, people would risk their lives diving to collect a particular kind of shellfish. Many died, but the shellfish yielded the dye known as "Tyrian Purple" and was so costly that it could only be purchased by the very wealthy and powerful -- emperors, for example.

Recent archeology has brought some new facts to light about the preparation of and the ceremonies surrounding this legendary dye.

First, after the shellfish were brought to shore and scraped out of their shells, they were placed in large vats. They were then soaked in urine to dissolve the chemicals which produced the dye. The urine was flung onto the bodies of the shellfish by war heroes, those who had lost an eye or a limb in battle and to fling the "chamber lye" was considered a great honor.

When the dye had been extracted, the vats were washed and the shellfish (which previously had been toxic because of the chemicals which made up the dye) were now fit to eat. Again, only the heroes were permitted to partake of this culinary delight.

Honored in song even today, this select group of warriors were and are highly honored and were known throughout the Mediterranean countries as the "One-Eyed, One-Armed, Flying Pee-Pee Purple Eaters."