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12-Jul-11 - 10:31 PM
Thread Name: Why Is the Lady of Carlisle Speechless?
Subject: RE: Why Is the Lady of Carlisle Speechless?
"Schiller based his Der Handschuh (1797) on it, as did Browning his The Glove, and Leigh Hunt his The Glove and the Lions. de Brantôme asserted that the original event took place in the reign of Francis I (1515 - 1547" - from Malcolm D's fine post above···
Worth recording here, I think, Leigh Hunt's different gloss on the whole thing from the usual traditional one [connected to above suggestion from McGrath that he should have said "No thank you"]

{from memory} -

The leap was quick, return was quick
He has regained his place
Then threw the glove but not with love,
Right in the lady's face.

"Bravo," said Francis, "rightly done"
And he rose from where he sat
"Not love," said he, "but vanity
Sets love a task like that."