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Posted By: GUEST,Lighter
15-Jul-11 - 02:18 PM
Thread Name: Editing Wikipedia
Subject: RE: BS: Editing Wikipedia
> wiki has about the same percentage of error as published encyclos -about 10%.

Perhaps. But as anyone can change or add anything at any time, there will be a disproportionate amount of error (not to mention fraud) in precisely those articles that attract the most attention - often those on the most controversial and current topics.

It's hard to measure "percentage of error" anyway, especially once you move away from the purely factual (for example, what holiday is celebrated on Dec. 25). To take a hypothetical ex. (not in Wikipedia) is it true that Columbus "discovered" "America"? Well, yes and no, and judging that kind of statement without qualification as either "error" or "non-error" depends on your own bias. Or you might just not care at that point and try to ignore it.

Moreover, some errors have farther-reaching consequences than others, so the "quality" of the misinformation may be even more significant than its quantity.