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Posted By: Greg F.
15-Jul-11 - 04:22 PM
Thread Name: Editing Wikipedia
Subject: RE: BS: Editing Wikipedia
I did read that wiki has about the same percentage of error as published encyclos

1. WHERE did you read that?

2. WHAT does the "about" translate to?

2. WHO checked all the encyclopedias to establish the 10% error rate?(Just English language ones, or ALL encyclopedias, by the way?)

3. WHO checked all of Blog-O-Pedia to confirm the error rate there and WHEN did they check it? Do they check it daily, as it changes?

Wiki at least has the merit of constant, relentless daily editing.

By persons who may know nothing about the subject they're "editing" and who can make up anything they want, or slant the content however they wish. Great Comfort.

Once again: Wikipedia: use at your own risk.