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Posted By: northfolk/al cholger
14-Oct-00 - 03:45 PM
Thread Name: Need Help With 60's Protest Songs
Subject: RE: Need Help With 60's Protest Songs
Many comments, from many good folks was a time, oh what a time. there is no more important time in a young persons life, than when we make that transition from child to adult. In the sixties, that coincided with the most dramatic social change the world has ever seen... Racial hatred and exclusion was being challenged, Student power was a world wide movement...In May 68, French students were joined by workers in the streets... People were coming to understand the futility of our corporate driven foreign policy...the Ugly American, was unpopular at home and abroad. Women were finding their voice...The earth and the ecology were found...and the music...clear unambiguous unadulterated acoustic, with biting lyrics...melded with the most aggressive electric...nothing had happened like that garages, not recording studios... What a time it really was...and the best part is, it is being reborn today. maybe not on the same scale, but Seattle, anti-corporatism, The Nader candidacy, The students against sweatshops...disrupting business at Kohl's or Nike... Students and Union members in the street together...the Teamsters and the Turtles...and Big Mick saying that he still hasn't figured it out, not true, like many, fired in the cauldron of that time the struggle goes on...same with canoer and others...salud