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Posted By: Jim Dixon
16-Jul-11 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Editing Wikipedia
Subject: RE: BS: Editing Wikipedia
When Google tells you it gets "About xxx results" you need to take that number with a grain of salt, especially if the number is large. I think it's some kind of estimate based on the frequency of the words that make up the phrase, not on an actual count.

For example, I just Googled "your masterful baton" (in quotes). It told me "About 301 results." At 10 results per page, that should be 31 pages. However at the bottom of the screen, it only lists pages 1 through 8. If you click on 8, to see the last page, it shows you "Page 5 of 48 results." Now only pages 1 through 5 are shown at the bottom of the page. I believe 48 is the correct count. If you click "repeat the search with the omitted results included" and then go to the last page, it is "Page 10 of 91 results."