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Posted By: flattop
14-Oct-00 - 11:37 PM
Thread Name: Songs about farm folk
Subject: RE: Help: Songs about farm folk
A couple of mudWriter have mentioned Fred Eaglesmith. I see that you have Fred coming to Windsor on November 3rd, Pastorpest. I bought an early CD that he did with the Flying Squirrels because I liked the song, Sweaburg General Store. It's about the Sweaburg General Store closing, the role the store played in the past, and the loss to the country community. "Better fill 'er up on your way home, it's a sign of the times, I suppose. Up and down the concessions everybody knows, the Sweaburg General Store is closed."

On the same CD, Eaglesmith has a song Thirty Years of Farming with the line, "Oh, my daddy stopped talkin' the day the farm was auctioned, there was nothin' left to say."