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Posted By: Vic Smith
22-Jul-11 - 02:27 PM
Thread Name: Who would you like to hear sing in duet?
Subject: RE: Who would you like to hear sing in duet?
Young Buchan wrote:-
"Jeannie Robertson and Lizzie Higgins.
Not that I think either's style was particularly suited to duets, but because I think the performance would be unique: I believe that Lizzie (certainly in public) would never sing whilst her mother was alive."

Way off beam, Young Buchan, I saw them singing together on quite a few occasions at different events..... Let's think.... at the National folk festival when it was at Keele (more than one year), at a number of concerts in Edinburgh (usually organised by Hamish Henderson), at the Blairgowrie TMSA Festival (more than one year), at a concert in Aberdeen and privately at both their houses in Aberdeen,

Mind you, the rivalry between them was a wonder to behold as were their rows. I remember sitting with them at a Sunday morning breakfast at Keele and the air was full of electric sparks! Yet when you spoke to them individually out of the hearing of the other, mother and daughter would praise one another to the nines.

And as for singing as a duet. I can certainly remember them singing Three Times Around Went Oor Gallant, Gallant Ship but memory won't bring back whether this was a recording or whether I am recalling them singing together live.

They both made such a huge impression on me that I can recall what they looked like and sounded like in my head quite easily, although it was decades ago now.