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Posted By: JohnInKansas
22-Jul-11 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Tech: how to turn off an 'automatic' tune
Subject: RE: Tech: how to turn off an 'automatic' tune
A few posts up, Leenia says Well, I forget what IE I have, but ...

For IE users:

Recent versions of IE do not show the "useful" tools and information bars, and if you look for how to turn them on it may appear that there really isn't a way.

It actually is quite easy. RIGHT-CLICK in any blank space on any of the "header" bars that are up there. You should get a pop-up box with a list of "toolbars" each of which will be displayed only if you put a "check" next to them. The "Menu Bar" is the one that shows the File - Edit -View - Favoritees - Tools - Help choices that are frequently referenced when people try to help you do something, and I would suggest that it be turned on.

Once you display the Menu Bar, you can click on "Help" and "About Internet Explorer" on the drop-down, and it will show you exactly what version you're using.

Once the Menu Bar is up, you have the option of right-clicking a bar or choosing "View" and "Toolbars" on the menu bar to show the choices for the other toolbars. Either method displays the same list. Both lists should include any "add-on" toolbars available on your computer, along with the ones built into IE.

While displaying all your toolbars does take a little space off the page, I generally have all checked except the "Favorites," It doesn't do anything (for me) that isn't on the Favorites button on the Menu Bar.

If you really just can't stand to have the toolbars visible you can get the IE version by left-clicking the little "gear" icon on the bar where the URL is displayed and then clicking "About;" but I find little else useful or of interest that can be done as easily using that "tool."